castellana grotte

Castellana Grotte is an Italian town in the province of Bari, in Puglia. It is mainly known for its Karst cave complex, which is one of the largest and most suggestive in all of Italy.

The Castellana caves
The Castellana caves represent the largest Karst cave complex in Italy ever explored by man. A visit to the caves unwinds against a captivating backdrop for approximately 1 km. The longest route takes two hours and stretches out for 3 km amidst caverns and chasms with mythological or fantasy names.
From the Abyss to the Black Cave, after passing through the Owl Cavern, the Serpent Corridor, the Precipice Cavern and Small Paradise, you get to the bright and splendid White Cave, known as the most beautiful cave in the world.
The Karst complex stretches out for much further than the section open to the public and explored, and houses a concentration of works of art that are the result of the slow flow of water into the earth’s depths, multi-coloured stalactites and stalagmites, alabaster fluorescence, underground lakes, a world which only the fervid imagination of nature could create and make accessible, with the help of expert speleological guides, to those wishing to feel the thrill of mystery and adventure.

The Church of San Leone Magno
Romanesque in style and split into three wide naves, one central and two side naves.
It still boasts Baroque decorations, such as the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament which conserves an arch and altar that are Baroque in style.
The church’s external appearance is impressive, making a strong impact on visitors. The belfry, rebuilt from a Norman tower, stands in the square where the Church is located.