Spa Wellness Centre

Modern living with its intensive pace asks a lot of our physical and mental equilibrium; the Spa at Relais La Sommità is the place for allowing ourselves some time for pleasure and relaxation.

The Spa at Relais La Sommità offers its guests personalised programmes focusing on wellbeing, relaxation and getting back on form during both short breaks and holidays.

After careful assessment, our staff will be able to recommend the most suitable treatments.

Our treatments benefit from the positive energy contained in the products’ ingredients and natural essences that, combined with our therapists’ manual skills, provide a highly regenerating and revitalising effect.

All the wellness treatments offered at the Spa at Relais La Sommità avail themselves of Culti SPA Mareminerale’s methods and products.

Massages, Turkish baths and various body treatments at our exclusive Spa-Wellness Centre in Puglia help to achieve perfect psycho-physical wellbeing.
Lights and sound inside our Wellness Centre at the luxury Relais La Sommità in Ostuni arouse sensations that project us into a dimension where water is the key theme for relaxation.

All the treatments offered at the stylish Spa at Relais La Sommità in Puglia avail themselves of Culti SPA Mareminerale’s, methods and products.

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