Cielo Restaurant 1* Michelin Star

The 5-star Relais La Sommità will make your stay an enchanted one with stylish menus featuring seasonal offerings in our elegant Cielo restaurant.

The past symbolises tradition, the future innovation: this is the philosophy embraced by our Chef  whose cuisine evokes distant memories, while at the same time guiding palates into unexplored terrain.

His stylishly combined dishes promise a journey through the senses of the past and present, with projection into the future where the comforting flavours of the earth will reign strong.

An expert selection of local and Italian wines accompany our dishes and during the summer season, dinner is served in the ancient Spanish garden where orange and olive trees provide a charming backdrop.

A staircase dug out of the rock leads us to three ancient cisterns, used in the past to collect oil, and now dedicated to wine tasting: our unique Winery. The restaurant at Relais La Sommità, located in the highest part of Ostuni, offers a charming view of the alleyways and whitewashed walls of the town which form the backdrop to clear and limpid skies.

The restaurant’s magical atmosphere is synonymous with elegance and sobriety and the background music can become a pleasant moment of personal silence.

While seated on the Belvedere, enjoying the sunset and sipping a glass of ice-cold, fine-quality white wine, Relais La Sommità would like to propose its Appetizers: "CaleidoTapas"
The old-world lounges and loggias of the building housing the 5-star Relais La Sommità in Ostuni are used as reading and breakfast areas.

The relaxing atmosphere is improved on during the afternoon where tea, herbal tea, hot chocolate and freshly-baked cakes and biscuits are served.

Relais La Sommità’s restaurant also organises Tasting and Apulian Cookery Courses, Theme Dinners, Wine and Oil Tasting, Sunday and Corporate lunches, as well as the Lunch and Cocktail bar service with finger food for your social events and Pre-Dinner or After-Dinner drinks.

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